Question About Material


I am a 3D Modeller this is my first time using Studio.

  1. i need to know in current zapworks studio whether is it possible to make a mirror like mirror reflection( not like mirror in symmetry kind of stuff)?

  2. if it possible, do i have to make it in material, or i really need to make it in script to make it reflect image like mirror?

  3. do we have any tutorial or a video to make a simple mirror? because i can’t find it anywhere using zapworks to make mirror reflection. please link it to me if you have a tutorial.


Hi @azimrisz,

As Studio now supports PBR (physically based rendered) materials, you can make the most of our Gravity Environment Light subsymbol.

The Gravity Environment Light subsymbol component contains an environment light within an attitude orient, to simulate a light shining down from above.

An environment light sets the environment that will be used to calculate lighting and surface reflections on models that use a PBR material. The environment is defined by a reflectionCubeMap and an irradianceCubeMap .

Hope this helps.



PBR and Gravity Environment Light subsymbol can only reflect the environment from reflectionCubeMap and IrradianceCubeMap, but can it reflect other object in the same scene like Cube model or Textured Cube model?

thank you for reply.


Hi @azimrisz,

You are correct that the environment light only reflects the reflectiveCubeMap and IrradianceCubeMap.

Unfortunately, there is no way to have a ‘live’ reflection material on a model.

Out of interest, what are you trying to achieve? :slight_smile:



im just trying to make a model reel with a movement and pose in front of the mirror in zappar.
thanks again for reply


Hi @azimrisz,

Unfortunately this isn’t possible in the version of Studio we are currently in.

Is a great feature request and I’ll be sure to pass it onto our development team!