Question about maker recognition with WebAR(Studio)


I have made a AR app with Zap Studio.
The marker itself its another QR code, so the QR code acts as a image marker.(QR Code is around the size of 1.2cm ish).

I have been debugging it to see if its possible to recognize it with that size. The result was I wasn’t able to recognize it with my iPhone XS and some android phone, which it not a surprise for me because I didn’t think it would work too. But the other day I tried with my iPad Air 4(2020) and it recognized it with surprising a stable feed back.
I looked up the camera spec of both device and found out they have the same 1.2MP and now I am confused…

Does anyone know what is the main factor of having a stable recognition? Like how does it work on the device wise.

Thank you


Hi @chan,

We have a Code Printing Best Practices guide here for this sort of thing - though it is worth mentioning that we highly recommend against using your QR Code trigger as a tracking/target image.

This is because QR codes don’t have a lot of recognisable contrast for tracking and make use of a repetitive pattern, leading to unstable tracking. For more information about what makes a good tracking image, click here.

Just to let you know, the scanning distance to code size ratio is 10:1. For example, if a user is scanning a QR code from a distance of 10 meters, the QR code would need to be 1 meter wide.

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush: