Query following Connell's great presentation today


Colin Carter (You) 04:56 PM
How much of these techniques are dependent on having a high-end/current phone - just thinking about processor/memory limitations? I’m working on a real-world outdoor AR project, needing 95% of Smart phones to be able to have a good experience and am aware there will be limits, yet haven’t quantified those yet.


Hi @colin.carter,

We are glad you enjoyed the webinar this week, was a fun one.

One of our main aims at Zappar is to democratize AR. A way we can accomplish this goal is for experiences made using the ZapWorks suite of tools to be available on most devices, new or old. We’re quite lucky that we’ve been around for 10+ years, so our technology has grown up with mobile devices and therefor, works well across a whole range. That said, older devices will definitely see a performance hit and older devices running experiences in the browser will also see a slowdown.

TL;DR - we’re confident our tech will work well across a whole range of devices, new and old.

We have an article on our documentation that gives some more information about supported devices, here.

Thanks for joining the webinar, hopefully see you in the next ones.