QR or Zappar trigger?


Hey guys. My first post and a complete novice her so please be gentle :slight_smile:

Could someone confirm or explain the difference between the use of a QR code and the standard Zappar trigger. I believed the QR code enabled the AR part to show without the need for the individual to have the app downloaded. I’ve tried to use this on the target image and nothing seems to happen when I upload the image. If I use the Zappar trigger as normal it finds it no problem. Do I need the QR part for the viewers browser to pick it up and run without the app and the Zappar part for the AR part to work?

Apologies for the dumb question but just trying to find my feet with it and the fact you can get the experience to viewers without the need to go and download an app was the bit I found quite appealing.



Hi Shippo,

I’d recommend you take a look at our WebAR and App Platforms article as it goes through what each platform is and what trigger best suits them. If you’re not familiar with triggers, please check our Project Triggers article too :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,