QR Code "still loading!


I have a problem with the QR code loading; my project works when i preview using the Zappar app but when i scan the QR code it launches a zappar page with the message " still loading…please check you have a good wifi connection"…i do have a good wifi connection, what else could be the problem? BTW I have read the “project triggers” page.


I have the same issue and this wasn’t a problem when a month ago for the same project.

I’ve attached a few screenshots showcasing the error, but it would be great if someone could respond to our (@Dubby) issues.

I was told it might because the project is unpublished, but I’m double-checking and I’m sure my project is live.

Reposting unanswered issue re webAR from QR code

Did you ever get an answer on this? I’m having the error.