QR code as image target?


I’ve been successful modifying some of the sample projects in Zapworks Studio. I’d like users to be able to use a QR code as the tracking image target, so they can use the same image to both get to the site, and to place the 3D model. Is this possible or do targets need to contain a Zapcode? I suppose I could edit the QR image to have the zapcode in the corner, right?


You can only use the zap code.


Hi there,

Target images (also known as Tracking images) do not require both triggers present to launch an AR experience which tracks to your image. We recommend you have only one of the triggers present on your tracking image.

It may help if you read our article on Project Triggers here;

Generally, QR codes are used to launch your AR experience in Zappar WebAR (web.zappar.com), where they’ll be able to experience AR content on their phone’s web browser. World tracked content is not supported in WebAR at this time.

Zapcodes require the Zappar app be installed on a phone before AR content can be experienced, but the Zappar App supports world tracking.

We do not recommend you use a QR code as the target image, as it consists of repetitive, non-abstract patterns which can cause tracking instability, in addition to missing an effective Call To Action which would let the user know what to do and what to expect when launching your AR experience.

I’d recommend you check out both our Tracking image best practices and ‘What makes for a successful zap’ articles for more information on best practices.

Hope this helps,