Put 3 videos on the background

Hello. I want to do face Tracking and put 3 videos on the background. First the first video. The man smiles and the second video is triggered. Man surprise -the third video. How is this possible?

Hi there!
ZapWorks studio has a list of different events it can recognize with face groups. You can use these events to trigger actions, or in other words, once Studio recognizes that the user say, opens their mouth, you can have something happen. Much like when the user taps the screen!

A list of these events can be found in the Buttons and Interactivity documentation. Just scroll down until you find the table. I don’t believe that it can’t recognize a smile per se, so you may change what event the user has to do (close one/both eyes, open their mouth, etc.)


Thanks. I have a question about the video, with the audio I did. The video is more difficult.

What’s the question about video then? Sorry, if it’s in the first post I’m having a little bit of trouble understanding what’s being asked.

I’m not friends with coding and it seems to me that stopping the video and switching it is mega difficult, isn’t it?

To be honest, coding in Zap Studio is a lot simpler than most packages, and you can do a lot by just cutting and pasting from examples. Zap has some really handy features, like being able to drag nodes and objects into your script/code window: Zap will automatically write bits of code for you to make it simpler to get things working right the first time.

You may not actually need any code for what you’re trying to do right now, but it’ll depend on exactly what you want to happen.

It’s definitely worth going through the tutorials, even if they aren’t exactly the kind of projects you’re trying to make right now. By the time you’ve got through the first few, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how to do the things you do want to do :slight_smile:


The problem appeared in another place, where it was not expected. The background is always in front of me. If Spark AR has segmentation and alpha texture. It’s here. I can’t understand it. How to make a background. I see on the forum that others had problems as well.

Hi @zizi-xsa,

Our face tracking implementation doesn’t currently support background segmentation.

There are workarounds, in which you can show the face with a background plane behind but it’s not a full segmentation setup. See below:

Hope this helps.


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Thanks a lot, George