Publishing stuck at 100%


Is anyone else having any issues. My project had uploaded and the Publishing load bar is at 100% but now stuck. This has been happening all day?


Sorry guys but still unable to publish or even preview? I’m getting the ‘check if you have a good network error?’.

reinstalled zapworks, logged-out, logged-in. I’ve not been able to publish or preview all day?

I’m on Mac


Hi @frank.glennon,

Sorry to hear this. It sounds like there must be something wrong with your account setup.

If you could get in contact with, we can ask you some personal information and take a look at your account for you.

If it is specific to a project, could you also send the ZPP file in the email, as well as any other helpful information you think might help.


Still not able to publish

Same here stuck preview and publish at 100%


Hi @ahmadhadriazmi1989,

Does this issue occur on a specific project or throughout?



Specific. The problem start when i create many new controller and timeline


Thanks for getting back so promptly @ahmadhadriazmi1989.

If you could export your project and send it over to alongside a description of which controllers appear to be causing the issue, we’ll be happy to have a deeper look into this issue for you :slight_smile:

All the best,


want to ask is there a limit to duplicate or import file/folder to library or hierarchy