Problem with import FBX with animation

I have a problem, when i export FBX from Blender (3.3) and import FBX in zapstudio my animation there is totally broken, seems like zappar reads the rig incorrect or something like that

If i reimport the same fbx in blender it’s all ok

The model have 4 simple rig in the same scene, i don’t know if this should be a problem.

Anyone can help me?

Hi @s.sorano,

Firstly, welcome to ZapWorks! :tada:

I’d recommend taking a look at our 3D Documentation - you may in particular find the Rigs and Animations section helpful.

Something which can get missed - we often find that animation rigs can have issues with stretching if the animation is not exported in 30 FPS, so please make sure this is the case before you export them! :muscle:

If you are still having difficulty, I would consider exporting your model in another format which supports animations in Studio; for example .glb.

Have a great day!

Francesca :blush: