Problem when importing 3D unlit material


Hi! I seem to have a problem with importing my model using the unlit material. It somehow turns the model transparent and blue, even after I place the textures in.

However the textures does appear when changing to the other material types like Standard Lighting and Toon Lighting, but I wanted it to shadeless. Not sure where I did wrong? Thanks~


Hi @ainuldania,

I’d recommend having a look at our 3D model documentation, more importantly - Exporting, Importing and Supported Formats and Requirements.

It’s weird that it only happens when using unlit materials. It might have something to do with the model having a transparency map.

What modeling software was this created in?



I created this Blender 3D. How would I fix the transparency map?


Hi @ainuldania,

Did you manage to fix this?

Feel free to send the model file to if you are still having issues. We can take a closer look and see what the issue might be.