Problem when importing 3D unlit material


Hi! I seem to have a problem with importing my model using the unlit material. It somehow turns the model transparent and blue, even after I place the textures in.

However the textures does appear when changing to the other material types like Standard Lighting and Toon Lighting, but I wanted it to shadeless. Not sure where I did wrong? Thanks~


Hi @ainuldania,

I’d recommend having a look at our 3D model documentation, more importantly - Exporting, Importing and Supported Formats and Requirements.

It’s weird that it only happens when using unlit materials. It might have something to do with the model having a transparency map.

What modeling software was this created in?



I created this Blender 3D. How would I fix the transparency map?


Hi @ainuldania,

Did you manage to fix this?

Feel free to send the model file to if you are still having issues. We can take a closer look and see what the issue might be.



Hi @ainuldania and @George,

I’m having this exact problem with 1 of my 7 models I’m trying to import. I was wondering if you have found a solution to this?

I also noticed that the shade of blue weirdly “pieces together” when looking from the side…
Video of importing the model

-Thanks in advance


Hi @capstone1920,

I’m not sure if a solution was ever found. Did you model this yourself, if so, in what software?

Please feel free to send the model file to where we can take a closer look and try to find a solution.



Hi @George, and anyone else having this issue :slight_smile:

I made my model in blender. Unfortunately I did not find a solution or what caused this. However, I found a workaround.

I figured that these seemed NOT to cause this issue:
-export settings
-material or it’s settings
-normal orientation
-armature or animations
-unapplied modifiers (mirror modifier & triangulate)
-mirrored UV’s

For testing I created a default cube object in blender. Separated a single polygon from the character model. Merged that polygon to the cube object. Tested to export that cube object to Zapworks. And it had this issue! It’s like the original model or it’s vertice/polygon data is corrupted somehow…

So what I did was basically remesh the model. In my case it was okay since it’s a lowpoly character and rather quick to do with help of shrinkwrap modifier. Then UV unwrapped it again and placed the UV islands to somewhat match the original (because I didn’t want to paint the textures all over again).

Here’s the ‘corrupted cube’ and the remeshed new model:

I hope his might save time or help someone having the same issue :smile: