I am understanding it wrong or the price just double for the pro license ?
Its 430€ per month?


Wondering this as well, was looking to upgrade from starter to pro next month for my business and this just changed everything :confused:

unbelievable, how is it possible that they went from $3100 to $5500??

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It put us in a complicated situation, we had planned our schedule with the previous prices.

Hey @planmundo I’ve just dropped you an email to discuss your situation. Thanks!

Hello everyone.

Thanks for getting in touch regarding the pricing changes to the ZapWorks Pro plan. We believe our plans are the most competitively priced on the market - and we remain one of the most cost-effective AR development tools available for commercial projects.

Don’t forget we have our free forever Hobbyist tier plan that is great for testing and publishing projects with low view expectations (250 views per project). The per-project pricing is great for developers, too. We include 5 projects for free.

As always with pricing, we reserve the right to change and adjust our pricing as as our product mix continues to expand and improve but we’re always looking for feedback on our current pricing structure.

Over the past few years we’ve also released a number of different tools and updates without any price increases:

  • Universal AR SDKs (for Unity, Three.js, PlayCanvas, etc)
  • Designer (beta)
  • Curved surface tracking
  • Improved world tracking for the web
  • Lite branded splash screens

We aim to continue releasing updates to all of our tools and SDKs while offering a competitive, affordable price across all of our plans.

If you have any further questions or feedback regarding pricing, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or the team directly ( - we’d be more than happy to find a solution that works for you.

Hi Tom

I agree that zappar have a reasonable price and I suggest it to potential customers
and of course I understand that Zappar can adjust the pricing as think is necessary

I was just a bit frustrated with this latest update because I was in the middle of a negotiation for a project
and now need to explain the price jump.

As some feedback, I would suggest at least increasing the size of the starter from 10mb to 15mb
and if you need to update the price keep it under 1k year-

Because using the universal SDK with unity just 5 MB are for the logic leaving 5mb for content that isn’t much

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Thanks @gustavomacaes - I appreciate it is frustrating. Again, reach out to us directly and we can certainly help. I don’t want to be inflexible on pricing if it means a project doesn’t go ahead.

And great feedback on the Unity SDK - I’ll raise it with the relevant team. Appreciate it!

Thanks, @tom.defraine for the feedback/availability to discuss pricing.
I will talk with the client and see how to proceed.