Previous Zappar projects for Insurance/Educational Plan


Hi everyone,

Has anyone tried using Zappar Studio for Insurance/Educational plan niche or have known any projects that are implemented on this topic? Tried searching it on this forum and can’t find any.

I just wanted to explore it for ideas/inspiration on my incoming project.



I know there are educational one I wouldn’t doubt there are Insurance ones.

You can look at the zappar’s main website for more.



Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. Are you referring to the product showcase under Education tab

Unfortunately, that is not I’m looking for.

I wanted to be more like this one as shown on this video but it has to be more detailed.


Yes! Zappar can do that with no problem. With ZapWorks it’s all up to you.
You will just need to plan it out. Do you want just videos or videos and 3d models?

Ps. If you’re looking for a company to make it for you take a look at Digital Pop-ups


Videos and 3D models


You will just need to plan it out and and start playing or you can have it made for you.