Preview not working


Hi, im new to zappar, i’m just doing some tests with 3d objects and when i come to preview on the desktop app (OSX) it looks like its doing something but the scancode never appears for me to test . please help?


hi i have problem like you, please help me if any one know


If I’m understanding your question correctly you have so far:

  1. built experience in zapper studio
  2. selected the preview option in studio to see your experience

At that point what occurs next? Error message? Nothing? Another pop-up? any message?

Keep in mind that you will need to have a ZapWorks account and will be asked to log in to preview your newly built experience.


i built wxperiencee in studio
before in last version studio ask me to log in account and afterthat preview worked but now in new version noting ask me and preview doesnt work and just loading and after noting happend


Zapworks should ask you to log in every day (if I’m right)
You can try clicking on the zap dropdown (top left). In the list there is a sign out of zapworks. Then I would close Zapworks and reopen it.

If that doesn’t work maybe

  1. uninstall Zapworks
  2. reboot your computer
  3. download new copy of Zapworks and install it.



Hi. I’ve just checked. I have the latest version of zap works desktop. Osx version. Previewed a project, it loaded the log in/authorise screen. Then uploaded package etc. The dialogue screen disappears as progress bar completes and I get nothing. No next step, no scan code. Like it’s just missed a step or not fully operational. Thanks


This may need the zappar guys @Seb @George @Bob



Hi this seems to be working for me now thanks.:slight_smile: …well it goes through to giving me the code, i use my phone which scans and seems to accept the preview scancode, but my zap/zappar doesn’t then appear?