Practical total assets size upper limit

Dear Designers,

What is the practical (reasonable loading time) assets (3D objects, images, etc.) size in MB for an AR experience? Does the limit change if assets are spread evenly between scenes in other words does the number of scenes improve or degrade experience loading time?

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Hi @arnon.ilani, .

Sorry for the late response.

It really depends! For most of our tools, we donโ€™t specifically set a hard limit so you can upload and use some pretty heavy assets. We recommend keeping ZapWorks Studio projects below 5MB (final download size), this is more for the end user experience. Projects over 5MB overall will have a slower loading time and can see dropoff before even getting into the experience. More info here.

For our Designer tool, the same rules apply but we do a few conversions to help with this. For example, in Designer (beta), videos are dynamically streamed rather than hosted with the experience so they wonโ€™t have an effect on loading speeds.

Itโ€™s difficult to give a MB recommended size because different types of content really vary. We just really recommend to test experiences throughout development and on multiple devices to make sure the final download size isnโ€™t going to case a bad user experience.

Hope this helps