Possible to have 3D models persist after going off image target?


While testing the WebAR test scene I noticed when the camera leaves the image target the AR experience stops and there’s a UI animation asking me to aim the camera back at the image to continue. I’d like to know if there’s a way to have the AR experience persist after the camera leaves the image. For my use case there will be an image trigger on the floor, once the user activates the AR experience by scanning the floor, they need to point the camera up to see flying 3D animations. Is this possible to do using studio?


Hi @ki1,

There’s a few things you can do when the target image is not in the camera view. By default, the content will become static as soon as the tracking is lost but you could:

  • Hide the content.
  • Show the look for subsymbol or similar (this is what you described as the animation asking to move back to the image)
  • Revert the experience into a gyro state - content is placed around the user, not tracked.
  • Use extended tracking to place an anchor where the most recent target position was found and the content will automatically stay tracked to that anchor.

I think extended tracking will be the best bet for your use case. You can find out more information about it over on this forum thread: