Positioning Video within the Video Plane


Hey All,
I’m building a project for a client and we are using a transparent video of exploding colored cloud particles. The cloud does not span to the edges of the video, but in Studio the edges of the video get cut off. The video is 1920 x 540.

How do I display the entirety of the video?



When you say transparent video do you mean an Alpha video?
Check that it’s setup per the Alpha video doc.
Check you mask video. I had one a customer sent me and it was cutting off the ends of the video.



Hello again Steve,
Yes, it’s an Alpha video, playing beautifully. I am not using a mask over the video if that’s what you are referring to in “Check your mask video.”

I’ve tried re-scaling the Video (the mp4), Video Plane, Color Texture, Mask Texture, and Video Material together and separately. The video, the mp4, remains slightly larger than its container, which I assume is the Video Plane, which calls out the Video Material.



I’ve posted the test to my website’s blog: https://www.realitylab.net/reality-lab-blog/salem-ar-festival. When the colored clouds reach the towards the end of the video loop, you can see how they are truncated. In the actual video that doesn’t happen.


How do you get a video to run with transparancy without using the mask video…? What kind of magic client do you have that sends these awesome footage :smiley:


We source or create all of our assets. We have over 25 years of marketing and design experience and are now pointing all of that right at AR :slight_smile: . Our clients hire us because of that experience and excitement about AR…

Creating alpha (transparency) for Zappar and using it in Zapworks isn’t straightforward, but there is a tutorial at https://docs.zap.works/studio/audio-and-video/preparing-alpha-video/.