poseMode: anchor-origin doesn't seem to move camera

Hi Zapworks team,

I’m trying to use poseMode: anchor-origin and the camera’s position and rotation remains at 0 0 0.

This conflicts with the information in the documentation and subsequently breaks aframe-physics-system. The simulation’s Y-axis seems to be bound to the camera’s orientation, but the camera has no position or rotation.

I’ve created an example here:

Is aframe-physics-system unable to be used with Universal SDK, or am I using this incorrectly?


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Also having this problem

After some experimenting in A-Frame and ThreeJS, I’ve realised a few things.

First of all, whilst the camera itself doesnt move - in A-Frame it’s a child of a-camera which does move, and in ThreeJS the instantWorldAnchorGroup moves.

I think this causes all kinds of problems, most importantly in my case, it makes raycasting behave weirdly.