Portal - World Tracking


Not fully convinced yet but there will be a lot of people happy with a PUB in the middle of the road.


Looking good! How are you finding world tracking so far, @digitalpopups? Does The Red Fox have a decent IPA on tap…? :beers:.


Sorry for the delay James. I like the world tracking and it would be nice to know how to know where I am in relation to the world.
Sorry , I am not sure what IPA stand for :smiley:


Haha sorry Milenne - it’s an India Pale Ale :blush:.


Your portal was created with video 360?
If yes… how did you do it?
I’ve been trying for many days


Hi @sofitamaragui,

I’d recommend checking out this forum post -

Hope this helps.



Thanks George, I will see.

But… is it possible to create an inspiration project like this? where we only replace the frame portal and the 360 videos :slight_smile: Is it too much to ask?


Hi @sofitamaragui,

Here’s a project template with all the functionality set up for you: World Tracking Portal Template.zpp (5.2 MB)

All you will need to do is change the ‘EDIT ME Photosphere’ material property to your own 360 images or video and you should be good to go!