Portal with a QR Code?

Hi everyone,
Here is my situation… I have an existing experience, a mural on a wall that has AR that is run from a QR code and playing in the browser.
I am doing a temporary update to the experience and want to make it a portal… a few questions.

I’m wanting to run the portal off the target image so the doorway will appear in front of the wall in a spot I want it and not how WorldSpace Portals work by picking your own placement anywhere. I have limited space to work with.

  • Will a portal work running off a QR Code in the browser?

  • Will a portal work off an image target? I mean, once it activates will the experience die if you lose the tracking target?

  • Is there a way to use WorldTracking and have the door appear where I need it to?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Hi @warwick,

This is certainly possible - I’d recommend having a look at the Augmented Portal tutorial on our documentation site!

The target image in this tutorial uses a Zapcode as the trigger, however, you can preview how this would look in WebAR by first going to web.zappar.com via your device’s browser first and then scanning the Zapcode.

With ZapWorks Studio, you can decide what happens to your content when the tracking image isn’t visible, usually with Actions and Controllers and States. We also have a Grab and Go template within Studio which will make content ‘screen relative’ when the target is no longer in view.

If you want to use world tracking in the web, you’ll need to use instant tracking. You can find more information about instant tracking on our docs site at the following link: Studio | Instant World Tracking (WebAR)

Have a great day,
Francesca :blush:

Thank you, I’ll give it all a try :slight_smile: