Point WebAr QR code directly to URL for video playback


For a current project I don’t need AR but I just need to play a video. I want to use a QR code to direct the user straight to a video to play. My plan is to host the video and link directly to that URL. Is it possible to have a webAR QR code point directly at my desired URL? Or does it have to open the WebAR app first? I would like to bypass that part.



Hi @mgoins200,

Our QR codes are dynamic but they will point directly to the experience you have published to the project. What I would suggest is to use Studio to add the hosted video using the video player subsymbol, scale it so it’s full screen and then publish it. From a users perspective they will be taken to the experience which will be the hosted video.

Alternatively you can host a video on an external platform / website and use a dynamic QR code from elsewhere. There are lots of places online you can generate dynamic QR codes that will point to custom URLs - please note, this won’t use ZapWorks at all so we won’t be able to help with this.



Thanks George! I went with option 2. That seemed the easiest for this particular project.