Point Clouds


Have you had success using point clouds in ZapWorks Studio? When using the Designer tool I’m easily able to publish and display GLTF-based point clouds, but I am unable to use the same GLTF point cloud file (or any other point cloud) in ZapWorks Studio. I cannot get the point cloud to appear in Studio’s viewport, though the GLTF point cloud does import into the Media Library and then Hierarchy.

Is there a known way to use point clouds in ZapWorks Studio?

Here’s an example of my Designer-built and working GLTF point cloud:

Thank you!


Hi @BenK,

I believe my colleague may have responded to your support ticket, but just in case this helps anybody else, I thought I’d share!

We often find that it’s best to drag files like this into the Media Library via a folder (e.g. My Documents), as importing to the Media Library with the plus (+) icon can be finicky sometimes.

Please note that it will very likely go into the Symbol Definitions panel rather than the Media Library, as they will be classed as re-usable components. You should then be able to drag the point cloud or 3D model into the Hierarchy, making it visible in the Viewport. :tada:

Have an awesome day,
Francesca :blush: