PNG images appear black on IOS


I created a new project with only a plane.
I saved in aws server a png image with transparency (256*512 cleaned with ImageOptim).
I applied a Z.ImageTexture(“image_pbg_url”) to the plane.
The image showed correctly on an android device but it appeared black on a iOS Device (iPad Air 2).


Hi @aron.tessari,

Thanks for your question.

Would it be possible to send the example ZPP you mentioned to so we can take a further look?

We have tried to re-create this but cannot seem to find an issue.

Looking forward to finding a solution for you! :slight_smile:



Ok, I’ve just sent the .zpp file.


Any movement on this or resolution? I have students working on a capstone project that are running into this same issue. Is there a fix?


George – Any luck with this issue? I have some students working on a big capstone project who have run into the same problem. They said they have contacted Zapworks but have been told its a CORS / .htaccess issue. Seems strange that, that is the issue since it works on an android. Can you provide some insight? The students have been pitching the client McKinstry on using your product over the long term for other information displays in their new net zero energy building. I believe they even got a quote for you to give to the client. Anyhow seems a bit odd for an jpg/png to not load. Is this an zappar app issue? Is it a script issue? Is it as you say a CORS/htaccess issue? Any help for these two soon to be graduates would be helpful.

Thank you - be well

Professor Travis Masingale
Visual Communication Design
Eastern Washington University


Travis I would take a look at this post about the CORS/.htaccess.
It may help you out. as for why it work on one and not the other with WebAR it’s how the data is send back with the CORS. There is a video playing problem in WebAR because of CORS as well.



Thank you, I will take a look.


Hi @tmasingale,

Unfortnately, we weren’t able to recreate the black images issue our end when Aron previously got in touch with the support team.

@tmasingale, could you please send the ZPP of the experience you are having troubles with to If possible, could you also let us know the device and OS you are launching the experience with (+ any other information you think might be helpful)?

As Steve mentioned, it could be a CORS issue, however, this usually only occurs when launching into WebAR and not the Zappar app.



George – Thank you for your quick response. I encouraged my students to look more carefully at the CORS and htaccess thread and they figured out the problem.

Thanks again for your help.