Please help


Hallo to everybody,
i have a little problem with a button…
On tap it makes appear a Video… then i have another button to make the video disappear…
If I touch a second time the first Button the video does not appear… but if i tap in the frame which contains it (it appears) the audio of the video start…
Many thanks


Hello @lucalilli,

Could you print your code or send your project for a better look? If not, try to check how are you doing the disappear thing. Maybe you are making the group of your video disappear, maybe the symbol or maybe you are making it appear in a way and disappear in another (like visible(false) and color).

att, Higão.


Sure, i would be grateful…
I am experimenting and absolutely new to code…
many thanks
Dantico.zpp (4.3 MB)



Hello @lucalilli,

I’m sorry for the late response but here’s your problem:

I took the liberty of reorganize your code to a better understanding.

You created a controller with the state on/off to show and hide your video and you were using it. In the button “Button_video_png” you use the controller/state “on” to make it shows but when you hide the video in the button “Close_icon_dantico_png” you use the controller/state “off” buuut you also use the visible(false) function as you may see in the number 2 and 3 of the print.

If you remove the line of the number 2, everything backs to normal as indeed. Hope you got it!

att, Higão.


Many thanks, i really appreciate your help!!!