Please explain manual iconography


This is going to sound naïve, but the manual has very few examples and I am not following the template code. Can someone explain, for example, the nuts and bolts of creating a symbol from this:

Symbol(name : string) : Z.Symbol;

I would love if someone could just tell me what all this means! I get:
a. In a script, type in Symbol
b. Put something in brackets, probably the name of the new object
c. Don’t know if I type a : or not. Is it required? Why is there a colon there?
d. Don’t know if I type string or a specific string?
e. Don’t know why there is a : after the bracket?
f. Z.Symbol … I think this tells Zapworks that the new thing is a symbol

A few examples after each entry would certainly not go amiss

Thanks in advance.


Hi @cravend,

We understand that there is only the basic help on our scripting documentation and is something we are looking into improving by adding some examples in the near future!

The : in our documentation explains which data type should be used. An example of Z.symbol in use is -

let thisSymbol = Z.Symbol(“symbolFromDefinitions”);

Hope this helps.