Please explain difference between boxes with orange or blue or green side

Please explain difference between boxes with orange or blue or green side. I’m a backer and received a few of each. What is the difference between boxes?


Hi Boyd,

Sorry for the slow reply here. I wanted to answer it as a FAQ on the Kickstarter page but looks like we can’t add them now the project has finished, so will do so here instead.

Basically the 4 sets all have different pointcodes, both for the world markers and for the controllers.

ZapBox needs the codes to be unique in the space, so for example once it has built a map of B1, B2, B3 and B4 it can know where you are in that space even if it only sees one of those codes (say B3). As you’ve got multiple sets then you can build larger maps (the 4 different sets have 10 world codes each, so you can build maps containing up to 40 codes and they’ll still all be unique). [NB: The current app has a bug in “Map Building” when you use more than 10 codes, but that will be fixed in the next update].

The main reason for the different sets is for the controllers - the controllers in each set have different pointcodes so as soon as a code is detected we know exactly which controller it is (left or right, and which set it belongs to).

The “pairing” process in the app associates a device with a particular set. We haven’t fully implemented the collaborative experience support in the app yet, but when we do the idea is that only the set that a device is paired with will be reported to the content running on that device.

What that means in practice is if you and I are standing next to each other, then you can use set A and I can use set B, and even if my device sees your controllers then it won’t confuse things - my device will only respond to my controllers thanks to that pairing process.

Hope that helps!

Hay @simon well we be able to get more point codes later? I would like to make a room size layout. (Good thing i have 2 kits for now)