Playing clips over a picture and triggering an event


Hi all,

Using the gaze template together with some coding help (thanks Steve’s a Nerd), I have developed a nice little zap with sound effects which splits and opens a document presenting 4 pictures on the screen. When you touch one of the pictures a video plays on the topic selected.

All this is working perfectly. Videos are stored on amazon.

I would now like to overlay the pictures with some short looping clips to give the impression that the pictures are alive - a bit like “Harry Potter” pictures. However, I still want to activate the pointer event to play each of the underlying full videos when I touch the clip. This seems to be difficult to achieve.

I assume this is possible but I do not understand the best methodology to employ. Happy to do the code,
but would appreciate some guidance on the optimal technique.

Thanks in advance to everyone and Happy New Year



I would just replace the pictures with short videos that loop. If the videos are short you can add them to the zap.

Ps. Glad to have been a help :blush:


Thanks Steve.