PlayCanvas suggestions

Hey guys. PlayCanvas lacks several editor features that Zapworks Studio has. I’ve made some feature requests to try to bring some Studio features to PlayCanvas:


The devs, however, seem reluctant to implement them. If you use PlayCanvas with UAR and would like to see these features implemented like me, make sure to leave a comment and a like! With enough support I think we can bring these features to the PlayCanvas’ devs attention. I would have also added a timeline feature request, but the PlayCanvas team told me that that’s already in the works.

Yes, these suggestions are not to Zappar, but to the UAR + PlayCanvas users.

Anyways guys, give those requests a like and leave a comment with your support, let’s bring proper editor support to PlayCanvas! Because let’s face it, PlayCanvas is the only viable framework that comes close to Studio in terms of functionality and speed. The only other framework with editor support is Unity, but it’s so slow and buggy in itself no client allows it to be used ever.


Guys comment on those issues to show support!