PlayCanvas - "Instant Tracked - Touch Control" touch controls not working

Issue: Zappar’s sample project Instant Tracked - Touch Control is supposed to have touch controls, but they are not working.

Affecting: PlayCanvas

Workaround: Don’t know.

Hi @marks,

It’s working for me. Looks like the touch controls are only enabled during the “placement” mode (before the model is anchored). Is it possible you’re placing the content first, then trying the touch controls?

If you believe it could be the device / browser, then please share the OS / versions.



You are correct. Though I can only scale. Shouldn’t I be able to rotate as well? In addition, could you update the example to be able to scale/rotate after placing the model, not before? I think that’s more useful for a world tracking experience, since the focus is after placing the model on the floor.

So it would work pretty much like the latest instant tracking symbol.