Play video fullscreen immediately


I’d like to start playback in absolute full screen immediately on load.


Full-screen streaming video

Full-screen streaming video
The Zappar platform utilises the operating system’s underlying video support to stream full-screen video. The video must be hosted at a globally accessible URL. The following format is recommended for consistent playback across a range of devices and network connections:

MP4 at or around 640px by 480px
“Web-optimized” with the index at the start of the file
Audio 22.05 kHz mono at 128 kbps
Video should not exceed ten minutes in length.

Compatible full-screen video is launched from a script using the following syntax:




Thanks Steve, I’ve just started with Zappar, and only used the Zapworks Designer. I’ll have to delve into Zapworks Studio!


Are you looking at doing it in Designer or is Studio ok?



If it can be done in designer it would be a bonus!


Sorry, I don’t do much in Designer. But you can set the video size and then set to play on start. But looks like only for uploaded videos.



ok, I will experiment. thankyou