Play Timeline after all hotspots have been tapped



We have an experience with an object in parts. Each part has a hotspot above it that assembles the part to the body of the main object. Once the hotspot has been tapped it is no longer visible or enabled.
Because these parts are all separate symbols, the order in which the hotspots are clicked is up to the user. We liked this until we realised we don’t know which one will be the last one tapped and we want to play a timeline once the whole object is assembled.

Is there a way to figure out when all of the hotspots have been tapped so we can play the timeline?
Sort of like a counter?



That is just what Zappar did in there Ancient History demo.
Ancient History



Hey @paula.clark,

As @stevesanerd mentioned (thanks Steve!) we implemented this functionality within our Ancient History inspiration piece.

Essentially, we stored a boolean variable for each of our hotspots and updated their value once they had been interacted with. When all values were true we then activated a photo feature section of the experience, though in your case you would play your timeline.

I’d definitely recommend checking out the video Steve linked above.

All the best,


Thanks, @stevesanerd and @Seb,
The video was definitely helpful and we managed to get it working.