Plane transparent


Hello, I have a project, this project contains symbols, inside this symbol i have Plane, and I am giving the Plane black color, with 70% transparency, but when I am closing this symbol and reopening it, it changes the transparency to be 90 %, or 100 %!
I want this Plane to be always 70% transparency.
How I can do it Please?


Hi @eliaskhs,

Objects properties within a sub symbol will carry throughout a project.

For example, if you were to change the opacity value of a plane within a sub symbol to 70% (0.7). When dragging this sub symbol into the main scene, the plane will still have 70% opacity values, you just can’t edit the value directly.

You can however, reference specific properties of assets within the sub symbol so they can be edited directly from the properties of the sub symbol. An example of this can be seen below.

If you use the referencing tool then you should remove the issue that you are coming up against :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!



Please scan this zapcode, and read the second screenshot, to understand what i mean .
Thank you.


Hi @eliaskhs,

That’s a very cool looking experience! :slight_smile:

I’ve scanned your zapcode on a few devices (Nokia 7 Plus, Google Pixel, iPhone 7) and the opacity of the plane remains constant throughout the experience i.e. the opacity value doesn’t change when the option is tapped.

Could you send through a screenshot of what you’re experiencing, along with the project for us to take a closer look at please?



and in the screenshot, you can see how the black plane change transparent, the first image has 0.7, and the second I think it should be 0.95.

you can find this plane inside a symbol called sound1, and there you can find the Plane.
How to solve this issue?
cannot upload the project is too large, where upload it ?


Hi @eliaskhs,

I’ve tested your zapcode on a few more devices but I still can’t seem to replicate the issue unfortunately.

Could let me know which device you’re testing on and send through your zpp to please?



Thank , the issue was solved :)… there was in the display statement in the show , something related to the color of the plane, i removed it and it work perfect now .