Photosphere2 video buttons activated in Photosphere 1


I hope this is an easy fix. I have videoplayer symbols and video in PhotoSphere 2 with on screen controls. When I go to PhotoSphere 1 I can press on the screen while there and activate the playback buttons in Photosphere 2 nd the videos start playing underneath Photosphere 1. Is there a way to fix that?

Thanks for your help!


I did a work around by creating VideoOn and VideoOff states to be activated when selecting the buttons that go between the PhotoSpheres. That can get cumbersome if you have a number of items on PhotoSphere2. I am hoping there is a global setting that disables any interactions with button objects that are beneath the displaying Photosphere.


Hi @ilabouz,

If you create a new group within your Hierarchy and place your content used in your second photosphere within it, you’ll be able to set the visible and enabled properties of the group to false.

Setting the visible property to false will hide the group’s content, whereas setting the group’s enabled property to false will ensure that content within the group can’t be interacted with.

Hope this helps.

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