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Since many of us come from a graphic design background and not necessarily a 3D background we are very comfortable working in Photoshop. My question is can the obj 3D objects created in Photoshop be imported into into Studio? I tried one and when exported it created the obj and mtl files but when I tried to drag those into Studio the error message I received was “One or more meshes of this model do not have indexed triangle list”. I’m a newbie so maybe I’m trying something that is not possible. Thanks.


Hello @dan,

I think a 3d profissional could explain you better than me but I’ve to ask. Is your 3d game-ready? This looks like when you import non-game-ready 3d’s in any plataform. Also, I think you should take a look in these articles about 3Ds, maybe it will help you:

3D Common Issues:

A bit about 3D’s and Zappar:

Hope this helps you,

att, Higão.


The question also is - does your model then import? I have had this message before but then the model imports correctly.


You may need to import your object from Photoshop into another 3D program, like Blender or Maya, and export it to clean it up. Of course if you’re going to do that anyway, you might as well create your object in that software! Trust me, it’s worth learning!


I know the learning curve on Maya is substantial. How is blender?


Blender is substantial but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. Photoshop is not a 3D programme anyway.


Maya and Blender both have their charms, and both are steep. Either is well worth your time to learn, though. I teach Maya, but if I were on my own with no access to Educational Licenses, I would likely with Blender because it’s open source.

In terms of ease of use, 3D Studio is for me the easiest and most intuitive of the bunch. It also has a learning curve, but I like the layout and workflow way better than Maya’s.

I’ve had students who are huge fans of C4D. Again, they say it’s easy to use.


Of course, we’ve got a blog that digs into this question too…!