Photogrammetry and Zapworks Studio


Hi there - does anybody have any experience with using the TRnio app to create 3D models from a scan? I have created a model which I have imported into Blender and re-exported as .obj which I have then been able to import into Studio (tried with .fbx and .gltf but kept getting errors). However, the model, which looks fine in Blender, becomes distorted in Studio following the import (although all the functionality is there). Can anyone help at all with this process? Complete beginner at 3D so any step-by-steps or tips would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @charlotte.harrison,

I’d recommend having a look at our 3D model documentation, more importantly - Exporting, Importing and Supported Formats and Requirements.

Using a 3D scanner application is a difficult one as in most cases they are developed to create realistic looking models rather than optimized models. With experiences creating using the ZapWorks tools predominately being launched onto mobile devices, the model size is something to be aware of.

In this case, I’d recommend importing the model into Blender and cleaning up the mesh, then following the export guide linked above.



Hello charlotte,
always had to do with the problem.
I export my Blender files as gltf with the option Seperate. Then it should work. Try it out and let me know if it worked for you.
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