Photo Feature - Email question


Quick question. On photo feature, can we send an email when we press SHARE?


Hi @digitalpopups!

I believe that I have answered your support query, but this may be helpful for the community; so here goes!

It is absolutely possible for users to share their photo via email! :grin:

Users should generally get an ‘email’ option when they click on the ‘SHARE’ button. It’s worth bearing in mind that the flow is a little different for WebAR experiences if using an iOS device. Users are still of course able share their photos, they will just have to download them before they share from their device. We tend to find that this is a common flow and our photo feature gives some really clear instructions to make sure that this is clear!

Hopefully this was helpful!

Have a wonderful day,
Francesca :blush:


Thank you Francesca
Is that possible to pre-write the email in the code? We are looking for the clients to share something to a pre-defined email.