Phone Hardware Requrements

When using Android what are the ideal hardware requirements? Personally I have tried it with my 1year old Wileyfox Swift which has 1.2ghz quad core and 2gb ram and Zap Box is very jerky and laggy when trying golf

There’s a couple of big optimization opportunities in the tracking code that we still need to implement, so you can definitely expect it to get smoother on all devices. Once we’ve made that code as fast as we reasonably can then we’ll do more testing across devices and be able to recommend some minimum specs / devices.

What android version are you on, and does your device support the short-expsoure mode (when you tap the lock icon in the toolbar)? If the answers are “reasonable modern” and “yes” then I’d hope we’ll be able to offer a decent experience on that device in the next couple of months.

Short exposure mode, cannot see that anywhere even on a google search

“Lock icon on the toolbar”

Where is that?

Yes that’s not an official term for a particular mode - we actually set the camera exposure and ISO using the manual camera API, based on the auto exposure results but with the exposure time shorter and the sensitivity higher. That gives a bit more noise but less motion blur, so is better for tracking.

In the ZapBox app there’s a dark grey toolbar at the top of the screen. When the camera image is on screen (eg when you have gone into “Build Map” mode or you’ve launched the Mini-Golf experience) you should see two buttons on the top-right. One of them is marked AF which will trigger an Auto-Focus search and then lock the focus. The other button has a small padlock icon, that’s the one I call the lock button. That will attempt to set manual exposure parameters with a shorter exposure using the manual camera API. Unfortunately not all phones support it, so when you tap that you’ll get a brief pop-up at the bottom of the screen reporting whether or not it was successful.

Hope that helps.

Hi, I have tried to create a new topic on Known Issues but seems that it is closed (!?). So, this one seems like a related post…
I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 running Android v: 6.0.1 and when i launch zappar on it my camera look really dark. My 3D models struggle to maintain his axis on the plane. Is there a workaround on the matter?
Thx and sorry to revive this topic.

I’ve had the same lagging issues on my galaxy S8 which is a fast mobile… I’ve been told the android camera api can be a pain to work with so it doesn’t look like it’s going to improve anytime soon… going to have to look into a iphone/ipod alternative.