Personalised Birthday Card

A personalised birthday card made for my Dad’s 60th (birthday and retirement!) Fully animated using Zapworks Studio.


That’s great - I’m sure your dad liked it.

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Thanks! He loved it :smile:

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Awesome work, anna!

Would you be kind to share the code, for my learning? Appreciate it!

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Hi Ram!

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! Here’s the ZPP file for you to take a look at :slight_smile:


Anna Broadhurst Personalised Birthday Card.zpp (14.7 MB)


Thank you, I’m glad you like it!

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Hello, I really love this card!
Im trying to do also a birthday card, just really simple. The tracker should just trigger a video. Did you have any kind of tutorial help or maybe did one yourself? I cant really program, and find it hard to understand how the studio works.
I dunno if you will read this, but thanks if you do :smiley:

Love to make a birthday card for my ex because i hate her.

That’s awesome…