Performance in 3D Model



I’ve developer the attached code where I have imported a 3D model (modeled in 3dsmax).
The issue is with the performance of the code, taking around 1 minute scanning but also taking a while when I’m rotatting de car.

Anyone can help me on how to improve its performance or where I can see the best practices to make sure that this could work better.

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I also need groupme help in this topic but havent got much of it here. Help is letgo appreciated.

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Hi @guillermo.velasco,

The time taken to download your experience to a device is dependant on two main factors; the strength of the device’s internet connection, and the experience’s download size.

The more media files you use in your project, the higher the final download size. Using high-poly 3D models, with high-resolution textures will also increase this.

You can find more information on use of 3D models in ZapWorks Studio over on the 3D section of our documentation site. Our article on optimisation should also come in handy as it provides tips on reducing your final download size.

Hope this helps.

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