Pedagogic AR experience linked to video game


Hi all,

Here is a short demo video of my second expanded pedagogic AR experience linked to a short video game.
Découvrez… NEFERTITI
I used trigger zones to detect when the user approaches specific area of the model and I placed a game box near the back of my statue. When the user touches this box, it triggers a message informing him to place his device in landscape mode and then launches a short adventure game in which the user has to answer the questions by walking on the correct letters. The answers are found in the various info zones of the AR experience, but in case you don’t read French, here are the answers in order :

You can try this experience, as well as other pedagogic experiences I have developed, by following this link :

Cheers !
Tom Ansuini


Very nice job!!



Thanks Steve :slight_smile:


Amazing as always, @tom! You’re really getting these experiences out at high speed!


Thanks James! I will be speaking on the subject of technopedagogy at 2 different conferences in Argentina for the ASAEC (Association Argentine d’Études Canadiennes) in mid-October so I’m preparing a collection of pedagogic AR experiences to showcase the possibilities in education. I’m also be making all these AR experiences available my colleagues as well as to my students at my school (where I teach) in Montreal.
Thank you for such an amazing product!

Tom Ansuini


Very welcome @tom. Wow, so you’ll be going all the way to Argentina to showcase your experiences there? Sounds an incredible journey - be sure to take lots of pictures, would be great to share your trip with the rest of the ZapWorks community and see where AR can take people…!