Pause video at time x


We have a video in our experience that we keep pausing at certain points so a state or timeline can play. When that state or timeline is finished the video plays from that point again.
We have read this link: Starting the video at time x
and it helped us start the video at x time but we haven’t figured out how to pause it at x time, is this possible?


Starting the video at time x

Hi @paula.clark,

There are a couple of way you could do this:

  1. Set up a label in your timeline, then set up an event handler when playback passes through this point. Within that event handler you can then stop the timeline.

  2. When you play the timeline from a script node, use Z.After to stop the timeline after your chosen amount of seconds.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


Thanks @Seb,

Will give this a try.


We would like to pause the video, not a timeline. We have tried to do this using timelines to act as a Null but it stops the video at different points on different phones. We think this is a phone processing issue so we would like to talk to the video seek time, as this should stop it at the same point across all devices.
We also tried the Z.After but that’s after the whole experience instead of the video