Passing parameters via Deeplink URL

I’m currently trying to figure out if Zapworks is going to work for my project needs.
So far the AR part is convincing, however I’m having some issues with deeplinking.
I’m running my project as: Universal AR for Unity with a deeplink trigger.
The trigger is of the format

The AR experience requires me to display different AR overlays within the app.
I want to add parameters to the URL which I can then read when the web application starts.
For example, I want to be able to open Web AR app and adjust the scale of the overlay based on a value in the URL.(For example:

I noticed the Zapworks Studio has a function querystringparameter( ) which basically does exactly what I want → How would I achieve the same thing in Zapworks Universal AR for Unity?

Any pointers would be helpfull,


Hello @marcelfint

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Have you tried using Application.absoluteURL unity API for this?