Parent.on("landscapeinverted", () => {


So there is no documentation for the syntax for landscape inverted.

parent.on(“landscapeinverted”, () => {

Can someone tell me how I would use the above to target a specific object.

I already have orientation states for the object for portrait, landscape and landscapeinverted and currently landscape and portrait operate fine. But i cannot find the code in the sample to copy the syntax to tell it to assume the landscapeinverted state. Coding is not my strong suit.



Hi @dax,

I replied to the support email you have sent about this issue!

In case my reply didn’t reach you, or if it helps anyone else out:

The lookFor sub symbol that is part of the Mini Solar System project breakdown gives a great example of how a landscape inverted state can be used. It activates a state each time the device accelerometer changes between landscape, portrait or landscape inverted mode. An example of the properties of the accelerometer can be seen below.

We also have a very helpful video on our documentation that explains UI Orientation and an interesting article on Device Orientation, so be sure to check these out too! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!



I knew it had to be something simple. Now, I have effectively made my own instagram frame for the upcoming Adobe Max event!!! AWESOME!!!