Overlay buttons (clicking to view more content)



I’m trying to overlay buttons on a desk phone so that once a person scans the code, they can click the buttons to get more information on what that button does.

How do I get the text/image to appear once the button is clicked?


Hi there. It’s simple. What you have to do is create a controller in controllers, so you can manager the image appearing on screen. Don’t forget to create a state on this too(Right Click, new State). I like to call it off and on. Then, when you press the button, you just have to call the states in this manager controller.

In a quick code, should be like this.:

symbol.controllers.ctrl.elements[symbol.controllers.ctrl.activeElement() === symbol.controllers.ctrl.elements.off? (“on”):(off)].activate();


Thanks for the tip!
I created a plane and wanted to replace it with an image and it’s not working. What is the best way to create the image?


There are 2 ways to create an image object. First of all, load the image file in media library. So,the first way is dragging and dropping it in the hierarchy, and you can adjust the properties like the scale or position. The second one is by making a texture object and applying as a material on this plane.

For the second way, right click in the hierarchy node and create a image texture object (new > textures > image texture) and select a image file clicking on source. Then, on your plane(object) apply this texture object in the materials source.

Both bring the same results but, the first step more quick and simple.