Open unexported former project

I recently had a crash on my pc and had to restore it by a friend. In the process I thought I had lost a project of mine but its file under .zapparstudio is still existing. I have also published oit before the crash. Is there a way to open the project or download it to continue to work with it?

If you have published the project before, you can easily download it from the publish log on the projects page.

  1. Log in at
  2. Select your project
  3. On the project page, find the publish log panel. It should be the bottom row, middle column. Click “See all log entries”
  4. Scroll down to the publish log on the bottom of the page and click the download button for the version you want. Those are highlighted in green here.

Then the .zpp should download, and you can import it back into studio. Hope that helps!

If you hadn’t published it, then I would say get in touch with

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