Opacity map problem


first of all sorry for my english, i´m from Spain
i have some isues with the opacitys maps in 3d. i tried to export from cinema 4d, the alpha and opacity is ok there but not in zapworks. when i tried to export only ask for the difuse and normal map. Could you give me an example of one script to call the opacity map of a symbol definition. I tried to change the materials on symbol but there is no option. so i think maybe i need to call with an script.
My objective is make some transparency in a face tracking face with a mesh. I don´t had problems in lens studio but i changed recently to zapworks because is way better. you have awsome software.
Many thanks in advance.


Hi @caminalnoelia,

You don’t need any code to set up

You can import the opacity map directly to the 3D model subsymbol’s Media Library (you can head into the subsymbol by double-clicking it in the Symbol Definitions panel), selecting the material node in the Hierarchy, and then assigning the new texture to the Opacity map field under the material’s Properties.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


This is awesome, it worked.
thanks a lot