Obj importer in ZapWorks studio does not work properly


I have to sometimes use obj files in my projects that are not perfect quality, like issues with normals etc. However, I have no problems importing them anywhere but ZapWorks studio. Here is example of one fileuntitled.obj (3.8 MB)
No matter what I try I get terrible model in ZapWorks, whereas in Unity or even PowerPoint everything is fine with the model. Why is that?


Hi! I tried deleting normals and here is your object…Object.zpp (2.5 MB)


Which program did you use? Do you know maybe how to add texture now? Normally provided with .mtl and .jpg along with .obj


I used Cinema 4D, if you want I give you the fbx file…


Thank you so much! The problem is that I have to work with series of such files, so normally I would use Blender to process them in batch. I will try to work with those normals and hopefully somehow preserve my texture. Nevertheless, the main problem is with ZapWorks studio, since everywhere else the same mesh looks fine.


Here is the fbx…untitled.fbx.zip (1.6 MB)