Newbie with a question!


Hi everyone, I am brand new to Zapworks and AR, so bear with me. Just a quick question. When I load the app on my phone and scan a Zap, it then takes me to a webpage where I have to hit launch and then scan the Zap again to get my video to trigger. Is this correct? I thought that the first scan with the Zapper app would have triggered my video?


First let me welcome you to the Zappar family Dave!!!

So it sounds like you are using the QR code.
If you scan a QR code in the Zappar app it will open a browser and run the WebAR not the installed Zappar app. To fix this you will need to scan the round ZapCode not the QR one.
If you wanted to use the WebAR you can just scan that code with most phone cameras. It should ask to open a link to your project. Then you will get the load page asking to launch it.



Hi, thanks for the welcome. No, I am not using the QR code, I am using the round Zap code. I scan it with Zapper and it takes me to the webpage where there is a “launch” button that launches the webapp?


I was really excited to start with Zapworks, but given that nobody seems to be able to tell me how to avoid the app triggering the webapp, I guess I am wasting my time! No help on here and no response from customer support! What a shame!


Hi @davecrewe,

We’d love to help out!

It’s strange, we haven’t received anything into our support team. May I ask the method in which you are taking to contact us? Feel free to email directly.

By default, a zapcode will trigger an experience in the platform you scan it in. If that’s the Zappar app, then your experience should launch directly in the app, same for if you are in (launch in the web browser).

It does sound like the behaviour you are describing is slightly different, I’d love to know the steps you are taking to achieve this or if you could share the zapcode you are scanning.

As Steve says, welcome to the family and hopefully we can get you set up and developing using the ZapWorks tools.



Hi George, I used the contact form in my account. I am not sure where to attach a pic of the code, but it is definately taking two steps and going to the web app.


Interesting. Could you please email directly from your email client? I’ll keep an eye out and pick it up from there.