Newbie Fundamentals Question


I wanted to build an AR experience that reacts to Power Point sides.
Would I need a different zap code for each slide of the presentation?
Is there no way to have the slide itself be the trigger?
Sorry my only experience with AR is with HP Reveal which uses images you upload as your trigger.



Hi @kevin,

Thanks for your question.

If you wanted something different for each PowerPoint slide then yes, a different Zap Code would have to be used for each and scanned individually. Doing this means that you can train each slide to be the target image allowing the experience to be relative to the design of the slide.

This can be doing using all of our three tools (Widgets, Designer, Studio). Please have a look at our documentation page to find out more: ZapWorks Documenation.

Alternatively, email us at and we can give you some more guidance.




Thanks for the info.
A few questions:

  1. Can you give me the break down pricing if we were to request using a custom logo on our Zapcode?
  2. Also would that give us effectively unlimited codes as is the case with the original “lightning bolt” code?
  3. Assuming we were to give you the art in the correct format, what is the turn around time on those new codes?

Thanks again,


Hi @kevin,

I sent you an email last week answering these questions. Did you see it?