New to Zapworks, struggling to get to grips with a few things...Please help! :)


Hi everyone.

I am looking into zap works studio for creating some webAR content.

Traditionally we have been using Unity to create all our AR experiences… I’ve followed a couple of tutorials and found a couple of issues that I think probably have easy solutions (hopefully!)

  1. importing models and getting them the right scale, always seems massive!
  2. texturing the model, when a normal map is applied the model either is black or seems really overexposed in the main view.
  3. I have been previewing the world tracking feature on my iPad… when uploading to publish and test I scan the QR code and get a warning that the device doesn’t support world tracking? it does…

Is anybody able to offer any advice on these things. Thanks so much!


I can help with #3. Right now world tracking with WebAR does not work.
see Bob’s post here



Hi @stevesanerd
I’m happy to hear from you again.
Best regards