New Designer - Lite Splash Screen


" Designer experiences do not support the Lite Branded Splash Screen or Custom Branded Splash Screens."

Pasted from the documentation.

Why is this and are you planning to rectify this so that paying users can actually use the new Designer?


Hi @yoga,

I hope you’re well.

Our new version of Designer (currently in Beta) is built to deploy to the domain and red Zappar splash screen. This is a temporary solution for now while the tool is new and in Beta. You’ll be pleased to know we will have a number of options later down the line for deployment into different, custom versions of this splash screen, similar to what we offer with the Lite Branded and fully Custom Branded for Studio made projects. I don’t unfortunately have a timeframe for this but I’ll be sure to post in this thread when we have some updates!

How have you found the new version of Designer? We’d love to hear your feedback.



Hello George,

Good to know that with time the Lite Branded screen will be available here.

I haven’t been using the new Designer a lot, due to the restriction but it seems to be a huge upgrade!



Hello George,

Any idea when the new one will be out of Beta and usable with Lite Splash Screen?



Hi @yoga,

I hope you’re well!

We are currently working on some exciting updates to Designer Beta (3D implementation). Additionally, being able to deploy to a lite branded version of the splash screen is also in the roadmap.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeframe on either of these yet but will be sure to update this thread when I know a little more!

The Beta tag will stay until we have finished our first round of functionality implementations, there’s a lot more on the roadmap until we’ll officially remove that tag. That being said, you’re more than welcome to use Designer Beta for campaigns and projects, just please test rigorously before doing so.

I’m sure we’ll have anther round of user testing soon for the newest functionality, please get in touch with if you’d like to be part of that!